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Product Advancement!

Napa Nectar™ Plus with “Fenbendazole”
is a cost effective method of delivering
medication to your animals for
the treatment of pinworms.

•  Nothing to mix, save time and money
•  Convenient size, 8 oz (226 g)
•  150 ppm Fenbendazole
•  Easy to use, simply place in the cage
•  Napa Nectar Plus is color tinted for
   easy identification
•  Readily accepted by the animal


Ordering Inforamtion:
88-0006 Napa Nectar Plus 8 ounce
30 pouches per case

Discount prices when purchasing a pallet of 70 cases or more.


Time is money, so you are saving
in the following areas:
•  Eliminate ordering special feed

•  Nothing to mix, save time and money.

Effective Delivery of Medications

Researchers prefer the delivery of medications through liquids because they mix more thoroughly for consistent treatment of the animal. Napa Nectar PLUS has been tested for its effectiveness for treatment
of pinworms.

Contact us regarding the delivery of other therapeutic or experimental compounds needs you may have.

Carefully slice the pouch 2-3 inches and place it facing down in the wire lid.

How to use it

Carefully slice the pouch 2-3 inches, providing the animal with an access opening to the Napa Necta™. Place the pack in the wire lid where the water bottle would be located. Now, you are treating your animals
while providing them with their water needs.

- Shelf life for 24 months

Read how our customers use Napa Nectar® PLUS for treatment of pinworms

Incoming animals are quarantined, and housed in micro-isolators while being provided Napa Nectar Plus™

Imported animals treated with Napa Nectar Plus™